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About Alex

Alex was born and raised in the Bay Area. He started learning piano at the age of 7 and he HATED it growing up! It was torture for him to sit at the piano and practice an hour every day. Despite his many oscar award winning performances to persuade his parents so that they would let him quit piano, his parents refused. However, as he grew older, he began to see each song as a challenge and really enjoyed the discipline and the patience that went into the process of making each piece sound unique while also being able to add his own feelings to it!

In 2014, Alex received his Bachelor’s Degree of Music with an emphasis in Piano Performance under the guidance of Dr. Mok. During his time at San Jose State, he had the honor of working with many talented artists, such as Professor Sharon Brook; Dr. Namik Sultanov;  Dr. Amanda Quist; Dr. Charlene Archibeque, and Dr. Jeffrey Benson. Because of these skilled musicians, he was the recipient of multiple awards, such as being the winner of the 2009 French Piano Competition at San Jose State, the 2011 Evelyn Heath Scholarship, and many more. Furthermore, he was also able to travel to countries like Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria as a member of the San Jose State Concert Choir. He also had to opportunity to share the stage with world famous singer Andrea Bocelli!

Alex developed his love for teaching while he was the Teacher Assistant for Dr. Gwendolyn Mok and Professor Sharon Brook’s Piano Proficiency Class. Since graduating, he has been working in music schools all around the Bay Area. He is focused on learning all he can about the latest teaching methods to ensure children get a well rounded education in piano and music! Besides teaching private piano lessons, he is also working at The Stratford Schools in Sunnyvale as their pre-school and pre-kindergarden music teacher and also with Crystal Children’s Choir in Foster City as their piano accompanist and as the Young Musician’s teacher.   

Alex can play the violin, viola, ukulele, ocarina, and accordion. When he is not learning a new instrument, he is always trying to develop a new skill. One of his projects was creating and developing this website! He loves to exercise and is also a huge basketball fan! His biggest goal in life is to travel around the world to experience other countries’ cultures, hear their music, and most importantly, try their food!

Teaching Philosophy

Alex’s goal as a teacher is not only to make sure students develop into a well rounded musicians, but also to show them the wonderful opportunities that can be seized from learning this instrument! There are many traits that can be learned in piano playing that students can apply to their daily activities and Alex will do his best to develop them. Alex strongly believes that music should be an enjoyable activity and stresses having fun during lessons. How he is able to make lessons fun and enjoyable is by implementing movement and games so that students come to lessons excited to learn while they develop their musicianship and get a good work out! Learning a new instrument is not easy! There will be many moments where students will experience success, but they will also encounter just as many obstacles that leave them frustrated. Besides working with students to solve them, Alex believes that these are the best situations to encourage them and help them realize that without failure, there will be no success!

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