How Do We Make Our Lessons Fun And Effective?


Children are at their best when they are engaged and having fun! Gamification will be used to ensure that the child is not only enjoying lessons, but they are also learning key musical concepts!


Students learn rhythm and beats through movement! This ensures that they are not just sitting in the same position for the whole lesson!


Students will learn to use their critical and creative thinking skills to fix problems that they will encounter in the music! It empowers them to find solutions! We will also have opportunities to compose and improvise music!

How Do We Make Our Lessons Fun And Effective?

Expert Guidance To Help Your Child Achieve Their Goals!

Personalized Plans

Alex will find the right pieces that will help you grow as a musician, based on your goals and music level.

A Teacher You Can Trust

Alex is a univesity trained teacher and has had 10 years of experience teaching students and getting results.

Tailored Action Steps

Don’t waste your time with random YouTube piano lessons! Alex’s lessons are tailored to your needs and to help you achieve success in piano!

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Alex has been teaching piano to children around the Bay Area for the past 10 years. He uses the latest teaching techniques to help children build a strong foundation and appreciation for music.

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